Emotional Intelligence – Vital for Success

Self-awareness or self-management

EI begins with this trait, as self-awareness is quite significant in shaping individuals’ career or life. By being self- aware, you get a great understanding of your moods, emotions, and drives.


It’s a continuation flow from self-awareness and directs individuals on a different path. It opens areas of trustworthiness and integrity.


Individual with good understanding of EI play a vital role at work and in personal life. With optimism they become ambassadors instead of being only employees of their organisation.


Empathy builds within all of us but cultivating the essence during difficult occasions is challenging. EI saves the day!

Social Skill

EI within social skills makes a greater impact as how one individual manages the relationship with their team members as well as those outside their organisation.

Emotional intelligence is widely known to be a key component of effective leadership. The ability to be perceptively in tune with yourself and your emotions, as well as having sound situational awareness can be a powerful tool for leading a team. The act of knowing, understanding, and responding to emotions, overcoming stress in the moment, and being aware of how your words and actions affect others, is described as emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence for leadership can consist of these five attributes: self-awareness, self-regulations, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

You can learn to be emotionally independent and gain the attributes that allow you to have emotional intelligence by connecting to core emotions, accepting them, and being aware of how they affect your decisions and actions.

Being able to relate behaviors and challenges of emotional intelligence on workplace performance is an immense advantage in building an exceptional team.

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We are born to Win - but conditioned to FAIL!

I fought against millions of sperms and won the battle. I was the winner.

By the age of 7, we are almost conditioned by many individuals - parents, siblings, teachers, family and everyone is tries their best to condition us according to their beliefs.

During this time, our entire body goes through physical, mental and emotional changes which design us as we are now.

So, what’s next?

To transform into a peak performer, you need a plan to enhance your physical, mental and emotional abilities.

Are you looking to create a successful life?

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We are aware that workplace can be very stressful when we have to deal with challenging leadership, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with change, achieving deadlines, and dealing with setback and failures. We can equip ourselves with skills to manage our emotions in such situations to be able to respond confidently. We do not need to be controlled by the circumstances.

Learning and application of principles of Emotional Intelligence can enhance your self- awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

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How Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in your work and personal life?

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